Our GRAND PIANO sound bank model "D" is based on a recording of an instrument from a well-known company.
10 velocity splits give it perfect dynamic feeling: the samples are full stereo the decay phase is very long.
With our custom firmware, it is possible to control the volume of the hammer attack, the string resonance, the string frame resonance layers, pedal on/off and hammer off noise, using MIDI.
Custom editing for an individual version — customized for your keys and loud speakers — is included in our service.


Our new GENERAL MIDI sound bank will improve the quality of your GM product line up. 400MB memory and over 3,000 samples create a new standard.
As an option you can get also the GRAND PIANO "D" as the piano on prg. 1 inside this GM sound bank.


50 new Drum Kits, up to 10 velocity splits per sounds, 10 HiHat variations. Now ready to implement in your product line. Get more information summer 2016.